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Just introduce yourself and the startup na'e cosmetics to our readers!
My name is Violeta Salicunaj and I am the founder of na'e cosmetics. Our main product is the Eyelash Spoon. This beauty tool helps to lash eyelashes professionally.

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Picture of TV24: Violeta Salicunaj with the Eyelash Spoon

Eyelash spoon? A Lucerne woman senses a million dollar business..

The Lucerne make-up artist Violeta Salicunaj has invented a make-up tool, which should help the woman to apply mascara. Salicunaj has already invested a quarter of a million francs in the eyelash spoon.

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Picture of Zentralplus: Violeta Salicunaj with the Eyelash Spoon

Lucerne woman receives money for her eyelash spoon

Big pleasure with Violeta Salicunaj: In the TV show the Cave of the Lions Switzerland on TV24 the make-up artist concludes a deal in the amount of 70,000 francs. This is intended to increase the production of the "revolutionary" beauty tool.
Article by Lucerne newspaper

Image of TV24: The entrepreneurs Anja Graf and Violeta Salicunaj

Na'e: Maximum eyelash volume with the Eyelash Spoon

The Eyelash Spoon was developed for the application of mascara. By supporting the mascara brush on the eyelash spoon, the eyelashes can be perfectly combed, bent into shape and separated. The result is exceptionally long, thick and perfectly styled eyelashes with maximum volume.
Article by TV24

Picture of TV24, the Cave of the Lions Switzerland

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"... At the beginning it is unusual to press the spoon end on the eyelid and automatically pull the eyelashes slightly upwards, but after two tries I get the hang of it. The fine hairs lie on the stainless steel piece and can be showered vigorously from the beginning to the tips. By applying the eyelashes, the color can be applied more intensively. Gluing can be corrected without painting the upper lid ... "

"Eyelashes de Luxe"

"... quickly realize and easily get the volume of dreams and a perfect eyelash line. The eyelash spoon is applied to both the upper and lower part of the eyelid, ensuring the precise application of the Mascara from the eyelash to the tips. The result is a stunning look and a perfect look ... "


.. With the new eyelash spoon clumped and broken hairs are a thing of the past. The shape ensures precise ink work, in which every single eyelash hair color gets ... "

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