We observe that many women have difficulties applying their mascara, so they often use kitchen spoons, cotton swabs, or Kleenex to help with 'application. That's why we have invented the eyelash spoon! The product is designed to make the application of any type of mascara easier and faster for the upper and lower lashes !


By putting the eyelash spoon on your lids and raising them, the mascara can be applied to the top ring - without sticking!

Applying the mascara has never been so easy, smooth and perfect.

Na'e Cosmetics has revolutionized the makeup industry with its eyelash spoon.

Discover the sensation of the Eyelash Spoon for up to 100% longer eyelashes.

  • Prevents the gluing of eyelashes

  • Perfectly shaped eyelashes: separated, long and thin

  • Maximum volume

  • Natural effect

  • Natural compaction of the eyelashes

  • No sticking

The result: remarkably long, thick and perfectly styled lashes with maximum volume!


Product Information

18/10 stainless steel, material DIN 1.4301, with 18% chromium and 10% nickel content.


High gloss polished, including the edges, completely burr-free, good haptics

The eyelash spoon is flat rolled several times in the front of the bowl to make a good balance. The spoon is comfortable and balanced in the hand.

The function of the eyelash spoon is the striking, unique contour of the upper part, which is adapted to the contour of the left and right eye. A 4mm wide edge receives additional surface processing by special graphic engraving embossing, in addition to the polish. This extra work ensures optimal adherence of the eyelid.

Step 1

Apply the eyelash spoon

to the upper part of the eyelid

on the lash line

1111 -2.png

Step 2:

Applying the mascara. 
- Support the mascara on the eyelash spoon. 
- Comb the eyelashes on the eyelash spoon, from the lash line to the tips.

2222 - 2.png